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Email pepperpunkdesign [at] gmail [dot] com for all business enquiries.

I am available for a wide variety of creative work, including animation, illustration, concept art and game playtesting/ English proofreading.

Additionally, non-exclusive licenses (sitelocks) are available for all of my games.

One Comment
  1. CaptainHook permalink

    To Pepperpunk,

    Subject: Buccaneering Exploits.

    Arrr, its always been a Buccaneers life for me, but I was handsomely rewarded with all the treasure and ship mates I could ever want or need. And the ships… you should have seen the ships! Gracfully floating with their masts reaching towards the heavens and 60 cannon a side! Arrr, nobody stood a chance against the likes of us, nor would they ever stand a fair chance. We plundered their ports, burt their homes, took everything of value, and then to rid ourselves of a two year burden, the captain and crew sunk Cpt. Haddocks ship, that cursed kipper-faced maggot can sleep with the fishes for all eternity, and now lays down there in Davey Jones locker. No parley for him!! Arrrr, now lets share out the plunder and have extra rations of rum for the crew! We’re rich, lets start living like it!

    Raise your cups in a toast to Pepperpunk for giving us the ways and means by which we arrived in this pleasant situation we’re in today…. rich, feared and victorious! Arrrr!!

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