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Progress! (and limitations)

March 22, 2014

A few days in, and I’m busy with prototyping a mining puzzle game, unfortunately starting to realise that haxe isn’t quite the magic everything-on-all-platforms solution that I was hoping for, so you have to work around a lot of little quirks and differences.. the first snag I’ve hit is blend modes, and a complete lack of consistency between targets.

Here’s what a purple gradient overlay looks like when exporting to flash (looks great, and is what I want, to add a dark purple tint to the bottom of the screen)

22-03-2014 11-21-51

And, exactly the same code, with an html5 or android export (some sort of overlay effect is attempted, but looks horrible)




I really can’t think of an easy workaround for this, short of a complete redesign to pre-render the overlay effect in photoshop on all of the tiles and have them gradually get darker as things get deeper. But that won’t look as good as the flash export and will take a massively longer amount of time. Bit of a snag.

On the bright side, I have my test project working successfully in flash, html5 (all browsers!) and on my android device as an apk file, and on mobile browsers. I can tap or click to dig away at the squares super-quick. Which really is quite wonderful, writing the code just once and having it pop up on everything and work great. I’m particularly impressed with the .apk android file, testing it on 2 year-old cheap hardware (nexus 7) resulted in performance just as good as flash on a powerful desktop. Having native C code as the core of it rather than AIR or any kind of SWF wrapper is just so much better, my first mobile port (of Eclipse) had horrible performance issues and this is just so much better.

So, good and bad so far, and I think I might change my first choice of test project into something a little less visually complex and “premium game” and instead aim to create something very simple and very fun, perhaps a little rpg with no real complexity and lots of jokes instead. More of a proper test game than anything else, rather than the month-long effort I had planned.


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